An Actual Chapter!

Yes.   Surprisingly to all of us, this was solved.  Very quickly.  To read more on it, please check out my post on my site:


So for the good stuff.  The chapter!

Chapter 6 CTL2

Many huge thanks to Bertie Bott for her work on this chapter.  We had a lively discussion on what we called Portable CD Players.  Where I was from, we called the Discman’s.  She hadn’t heard of that.  So we went with Portable CD players.  It was a name She felt more people would know, and when I thought about it, I conceded it.  I truly had no idea that they were not known.. and sadly, I show my age with the knowledge as well how much information I had lost since I had no idea what else to call them.

Interesting things you find out, and exactly why I need a beta.  Little things people.  Little things.

I mentioned this a couple of times in different places, but to make sure it is here, I will not be posting next week at all any stories.  Everyone has until the 1st off for family time. Plus to give me time to figure out what the heck my Muse is doing.  I think she threw out my entire plan with this chapter.  But it was awesome.  The Twist is perfect.  But… not what I planned.

So enjoy the chapter.  As always, by clicking the banner, you agree to the terms on the front page of the site.



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