This has to end.

The thief, that stole stories, has come back out and attacked one of my friends.

Not acceptable.

Not at all.

So.  I will tell you what I have gathered.  A lot of people are angry.  So angry that they are taking action.  Which I full heartedly agree with.  They are keeping this clean folks, we are not descending down to her level.  But we refuse to be silent, since that has done nothing but make her think she can continue to do things.

I seriously believe that this person is young, or young in mind.  The way she goes about things is not mature, nor is it something that a bunch of adults need to deal with, but since there seems no stopping, there is a time that you have to say stop.

But, Kitty, you are replying to her!  You are feeding the troll, you are giving her the attention she craves!

I will answer to this.  I ignored her.  My friends ignored her.  And she didn’t quit.  We took the very high road.  And she did not learn a lesson.  Instead she acted out on accounts she has POSTED that are hers but she is not able to access. This smacks of a young person who does not think the consequences of her actions all the way through.  It may have been good enough in school, but this is the real life, and the world doesn’t operate like that.

She has been warned.  But she has not learned a lesson.  She has somehow got it in her head that this is allowable.  That she has some right by being published on Amazon that allows her to be better than the rest of us.  That she is right.

I’m sorry, but lessons in real life are about to commence.  We are taking a stand, and asking others to join us in this.  Over on Bertie Bott’s site, there is a petition going on.  I highly recommend you go there and participate in it.  One stand instead of many might get the attention of FanFiction.

There are advocators for the rights of FanFiction writers.  While I get traffic from FanFiction and use them to gain interest from stories, their attitude that FanFiction Writers have no rights, has gained me nothing but disgust for them.

So here is my plan.  I will reply to Bertie‘s petition.  Then I will do my own campaigning, taking this morning to report each and every story.  I know there is more plagiarizing going on, and I have asked for people to read her stories, to check for their own being stolen.  There are storylines I have seen being taken from stories I have read on Twilight, she is now writing for other fandoms to help hide her tracks.  It isn’t working very well if I noticed.  So I will report the stories.

If I am taken off FanFiction since I have the audacity to complain about another author, say la vie.  Less work for me to update on.  I will NOT be working any new stories to the site.  The stories that are there, well they will be stopped soon.  Sorry for the FanFiction readers, but this is my stand.

FanFiction repeatedly erases others works without the courtesy of warning them as an adult will.  They refuse to be adults, so why should I continue to treat them like the children they are.  Will this hurt me?  Maybe. But I like to think I am established enough to make that decision.  I will post a summary of any stories I write so they can be teased with what they are missing.

I am taking a stand, and I am tired of the idiocy that has overtaken the world.  Plagiarism is WRONG.  It is stealing and there is no religion in the world that accepts this as acceptable.  This person thinks she is above the law, above the acceptable society acceptable norm.  She thinks she is above us all, and treats the rules as not even a guideline to what is acceptable.

Basically.  I will be reposting on my reblog all of the responses to all of this, and I highly recommend that you read them all.  I also highly recommend you sign up on Bertie‘s petition.  And finally.  The person who has borne this attack.


Go to her site and follow her.  Do it because she is a kickass author that deserves none of this.

Do it because it is the right thing to do.

Do it to show your support behind someone who only defended herself and had her stories removed from FanFiction.

Again, I am tired of this, and I am done with so much of it.  And I will do what I can before I am probably taken off.  I will break TOS in FanFiction to post on EVERY story I have about what has happened.  What I think.  So expect to see this post everywhere.

And if you don’t believe all this, I would like to redirect you to the actual exchanges I had with her on the subject that I posted here before:


More on what is going on

For anyone needing these screens shots and so on, I have the actual emails I am able to forward on this.

Also.  Sorry guys.  But I will NOT be posting any stories until this is taken care of.  Especially not on FanFiction.  I know you guys are thinking this is a punishment, but hell. I am taking a stand and doing on of the things I think will tell of my stand on this.  It is one of the ways I am trying to help.  I will not post a single story or chapter on any site until this is resolved.

There will be radio silence until this is taken care of.  The only things you will hear about is about this situation.

This is my line in the sand, and I will not back down.  That line might as well be in concrete.

Thanks for your support.

Wendy aka Kittyinaz.

I know I said I was going to post a chapter today, but this supercedes it.  Once she has been taken care of, I will post the chapter for this site.  I am sticking to my guns on this one.


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