The New Year

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No, this is not a chapter, but we are getting close to the New Year, and I wanted to touch base with everyone.

The holidays were especially busy for me, and I told my betas and everyone who follows me on my site, that there will be nothing posted unless a beta wanted to have a chapter posted.  Instead, I highly recommended everyone to spend the busy holidays as I am, with family.

I had hoped during this time to get ahead, but my muse walked in and threw an idea at my head, and like another of my stories last year about this time, I worked on that when I had free time.

However, the New Year should bring a lot of us back to writing, and I am hoping for new stories on here.  Cross the Line is FAR from being forgotten, but I am trying to catch up on the backlog of stories I have written and sending them off to the betas.  I plan to sit down and write some more chapters of Cross the Line and another one of mine, before I get to writing my novel.

Now, for how long this will take?  I am not sure, but I am sure my muse will stir and we will have a long talk finally.  I have a journal set up for this story, but have been letting the muse take me where she likes.  Hence the surprise at the end of the chapter.

I wanted to touch base with you guys, and let you know that this is FAR from being over.  I know I have been asking for someone who would like to learn WordPress to message me, so I can teach them with the hope that they will take over the web admin behind this.  If you are interested, please PM me in Facebook.

If you want to write in here, please find the group Anthem of the Angels on Facebook and get with Rissa.  She is the one keeping track of the site and the stories to come.

As for me?  Right now I am dealing with RL, and will be basically out of commission until after the new year starts.  But I will be up soon and working on things as soon as possible!

Thank you to everyone who has subscribed and followed this site.  I look forward to the new year and the stories to come!



One thought on “The New Year

  1. glad you are having a great holiday! thanks for letting us know what’s going on with your stories and it puts my worries as ease will be here looking forward to reading what you write for you Angels Universe series as well as all your other amazing stories.
    (hugs) 🙂


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